Where to look for used wedding gowns


Where to look for used wedding gownsI am looking on eBay for used wedding gowns. I find that I have to bid for what I amp looking for so I really need to know the retail prices of used wedding gowns and to understand the sizes to make sure what I buy or sell is going to fit. Some prices are really low under $100 but I am less sure whether I would get a good deal for designer used wedding gowns on eBay.

I saw a Jenny Packham used wedding gown for $699 and I am sure I could get it cheaper from another website.   Other used wedding gowns were being sold as low as $35 but I think I really need to know what I’m looking for. Ebay offers some good guides for buying or selling used wedding gowns. The Complete Wedding Dress Guide looks very useful and  How to buy a Wedding Dress on a budget. It’s actually quite difficult to come by expert information , so this is really useful. Another category on eBay for used wedding gowns is vintage wedding gowns, I saw a gorgeous one with sequins for $50. There was also a vintage white wedding gown with pearls for $28.50  which was really a collector’s item.. Another long sleeve lace vintage gown was selling for $151.To successfully  buy these items I really do need details knowledge and with eBay it is always best to  complete thorough research beforehand.

Used wedding gowns are becoming extremely popular!

July Birthstone Set


I will admit that I am not a simple girl. I like beautiful and expensive things. I love jewelry. I have always wanted a matching set of birthstone jewelry. I am very thankful that I was born in July because the July birthstone is the ruby. The best part about the ruby is that it is a bright red stone and it really stands out against my skin. Rubies are also nice because if they are cut into a heart shape, than they really look like a heart.

After I got married, my desire to have expensive beautiful things did not go away, but it was moved more to the back of my mind as more pressing matters like the rent and groceries were always looming near the front. I had been married for six years and I was celebrating my twenty-eighth birthday when I received the birthstone set of my dreams from my sweetheart of a husband. He had found a lovely ruby necklace, ring, earring and bracelet set from a local jewelry store. I knew he had spent more on the jewelry than he probably should have, but it was such a dream come true. I had wanted a set like that since I was a pre-teen.

I don’t know where I am going to wear it yet. I might just be wearing a couple of pieces at a time since it isn’t like we will be dining with the Prince and Princess anytime soon, but this gift made me feel like a princess myself.

Birth Month Flowers as Gifts


Life can be very complicated in today’s society. I have decided to streamline many areas of my life in order to take some of the stress out of my day to day life. One of the things I am doing this year is to make gift giving less complicated. I decided that instead of stressing every time someone’s birthday rolls around, I am going to plan ahead. I decided to make the gift basically the same for all of the adults in my life this year, but still unique to them. I decided to give birth month flowers to everyone.

I have already talked to a local florist about it. The florist said it could be very simple to set up. I went through my calendar at the beginning of the year and made a list of all of the people I buy gifts for. Then I divided it up by month. At the beginning of every month, I place the order with the florist for all of the flowers I need for the month. The florist also gave me a great deal for doing so many arrangements of birth month flowers.

In January, I only had two orders of carnations to put in. February meant three violets. March is a slow month in our family so I didn’t have to order any daffodils. In April, I had two arrangements of daisies sent out. May will require three lily of the valley arrangements. June will mean one bouquet of roses. July will be another free month in our family since no one will be getting larkspur.  In August I will be ordering four gladiolus arrangements.

September will mean another three orders, this time for aster. In October, all six birthday people will be getting a pot of marigolds. November will require one chrysanthemum order, and December will mean five poinsettias will be ordered.

Need A Hammock?


Until I started shopping for a hammock, I had no idea there were so many different kinds. I thought there were just two: the rope kind and the fabric kind. Although that is partly true, there are varieties of both that make your choices more interesting and allow you to tailor your choice to you particular setting and use. The quilted hammock is a special kind of rope hammock that includes a filled fabric quilt of sorts that provides a very comfortable bed to relax in. The cool thing about the quilted variety is that it’s almost like getting two hammocks for the price of one as the quilted layer is reversible and both sides of the quilt are different. One will have a solid colour and the other will have a pattern of some kind on it. The poolside hammock is one you have probably seen without realizing it.

If you have ever stayed at a hotel with an outdoor pool, chances are very good one or more poolside hammocks were nearby. They are made with durable fabrics that can handle getting wet and sitting in the sun. They are also very easy to clean because of the type of fabric used. Poolside hammocks are a very popular choice for all these reasons but they aren’t always the most comfortable but since they are intended to be a pool or beach accessory, you should also be using the pool or beach to get the full benefit out of this kind of hammock.

Mens Rings – In Or Out?


Buying mens rings can be daunting for the average guy, as it’s not always easy to tell whether or not they’ll look good on you, or whether or not they’ll be accepted by your peers. Wearing mens jewellery can make a bit of a statement about who you are, but you don’t need to go all out straight away. Why not get just one plainer ring for a while and see how you go? Mens Rings Online has a range of titanium rings and tungsten rings that are designed specifically for men, and are built to last as well.

Choosing The Right Tie


Ties are great fashion accessories that really help bring an outfit together. Most people however find that once they don a tie their whole look falls apart. The tie just doesn’t look right and they feel like they’ve wasted their money and never consider buying a tie ever again. This is a series of very unfortunate events but it’s one that takes place all too often all over the globe.

One of the best tips we can give you to making your tie decision a good one is to choose a tie that is very slim. Why you ask? The reason is simple. A thin tie creates a very straight sleek line, sleek lines are sexy. OK so it’s not exactly an exhaustive scientific study but just trust us. Thin ties are sexy. If you can manage to stick to this one golden rule of the tie world then half the battle is done for you. Wait, don’t run off to buy your next tie just yet though.

Another tip is to opt for more solid colors instead of intricate or complicated designs. Solid colors create a sense of simplicity and in recent years the biggest trend in fashion has tended to be one where simplicity is integral to the over all look of an outfit.

OK now with those 2 amazing pieces of advice you will probably make a much better choice when it comes to choosing the right tie. Buy more than one and experiment a little with colors too.

Who Can Wear Bow Ties?


bowtiesIt’s not easy for a man to figure out what he can and can’t wear these days, as sometimes it seems that everything goes, but yet many clearly seem to fail in every regard. Bowties are one of those fashion accessories that will either really work for you – or really won’t. Much of it comes down to your personality. Clearly we’re not talking about black tie events here, as anyone can get away with a bow tie when wearing a tuxedo. What we’re talking about is those who somehow seem to get away with wearing funky bow ties on an everyday basis, and whether or not this might be you.

The reality is, if you’re not sure whether or not you can get away with it, you probably can’t. If you dress like doctor who normally though, and you’re a bit quirky, then most people probably won’t bat an eyelid if you give one a try. If in doubt? Stay out.

Fascinators As A Gift


fascinatorsSo if you’re struggling to come up with a great gift idea for that special girl in your life, a fascinator is probably not at the top of your list. There are some good reasons why you should consider it though, and they may not be the reasons you expect. The first reason is that it is an item that almost all girls love. Fascinators are beautiful, fun, and fashionable – three things not usually associated with gifts given by us men! It’s also a completely unexpected gift, which are always the best kind. The other bonus with fascinators, is that although there are a million different designs to choose from, the best ones are always the simple and smaller designs, and always buy them in colours like black, white or red, so that she can match it with a variety of dresses in her wardrobe.

Masquerade Masks For Men


masquerade masksThere’s no question that the girls love dressing up, and they have a particular penchant for masquerade balls. This I think is partly to do with the fact that masquerade masks can be quite beautifully designed. But for us men, are masquerade masks just a bit too girly? Well, not necessarily. I wouldn’t advise you to head out and buy one with pink frills, but I do think there are a few classic designs that can be pretty amazing. Comedy and tragedy masks look awesome, but as these are full face masks, they can make it a little difficult to eat and drink. If you’re going for just an eye mask, you could go for plain black, but you may end up looking more like zorro than james bond. One good option here is to go for a black metal filigree masquerade mask. These mold to your face, and as long as you choose a design that doesn’t involve too many crystals, can still be manly.

Claddagh Ring for Birthday


Since I have become an adult, I don’t usually get birthday presents. My children are not old enough to purchase one for me (and there is no way their father would help them do that). My parents don’t give birthday presents to anyone over the age of eighteen, and I don’t have a boyfriend/husband at the present time. So after two years of mildly depressing birthdays which usually consisted of me having lunch with co-workers and coming home to a card in the mail from my parents, I have decided this year that I am going to create my own birthday celebration.

I am going to send myself flowers at work. I am ordering my favorite meal from my favorite restaurant as take-out. I am going to rent my favorite chick-flick. I am ordering a small birthday cake. But best of all, I ordered a birthday present for myself. I am even having it gift wrapped. I have always wanted a claddagh ring so that is what I am getting myself.

Some people believe that the claddagh ring is a symbol of love, but it is also a symbol of loyalty. I figure there is no one who is going to love me more than I love myself. I also have a strong sense of loyalty to all of my friends and family. I thought this would make an awesome gift for myself. I don’t even care if people think it is sad or ridiculous that I am buying my own birthday present. I plan to have the best birthday ever.

Using Coconut Oil In A Hair Mask


My regular hair care routine includes a coconut oil hair mask. The benefits of using coconut oil in your hair are many and I find it has pretty much taken care of my dry and damaged hair.

Once I was sold on using coconut oil in my hair I wasn’t really sure how.

Here is what I do for the best results and I do it once a week, but since coconut oil is natural, you could probably do it more frequently depending on the level of damage to your hair when you start adding the treatments to you hair care routine.

I use two tablespoons of coconut oil and microwave it until it has melted which takes only a few seconds depending on the size of your microwave oven.

I then massage the coconut oil into my hair and once I’ve covered my entire head I tie my hair up and leave it there for anywhere from half an hour to a couple hours. I then shampoo a couple times to make sure I wash away all the oil and whatever else has collected from the treatment and condition as I normally would.

The coconut oil does some amazing things when it’s been massaged into my hair. It repairs damaged hair, strengthens it and also moisturizes my scalp. With a moist scalp it fights the bacteria that forms on a dry scalp and often ends up as dandruff.

It also gives my hair more body, shine and bounce, which rates it a winner in my collection of hair care products.

Peppermint Tea


This year has been horrible for my sinus issues. It seems like they are always stuffy or I am on the verge of an infection.  I hate taking the over the counter stuff for my sinus issues day after day. I don’t think any over the counter medication should be relied on that heavily. Not to mention they usually make me feel either groggy or tired which does not make for a productive day at the office.

On what seemed to be the 100th bout of sinus issues this year, a client saw me massaging my temples to relieve some of the sinus pressure. He asked what was wrong. When I told him that I keep having sinus problems this year, he said that his wife used to have the same problem a lot. He said that she gets relief from peppermint tea. I asked him some general questions about when she drinks it and how much she drinks. He said that she tries to drink a cup every evening after dinner. I was worried tea that late would keep me up, but he assured me that peppermint tea is also known to relax people.

I decided to purchase some on the way home. I chickened out and didn’t try the first night in case it interfered with my sleep. I waited until the next night which was a Friday. I found that he was right, it was not only relaxing, but the benefits of the peppermint tea seemed to help keep my sinus problems in check.

Is Titanium Better than Tungsten?


Are you completely confused about which is better, titanium or tungsten? If you have been in the market for a new ring lately, you have seen all of the options that are out there. There are the traditional metals like gold and silver. There are also newer options, titanium and tungsten. They have been on the market for a little over ten years and their popularity has continued to grow year after year. Two big reasons for the massive sales for titanium and tungsten in recent years are for three reasons: cost, appearance and durability.

Titanium and Tungsten are similar in quality, price and style. They are both more affordable than gold or silver are. They come in a larger variety of colors and finishes. They also last a very long time. So now that you know why titanium and tungsten are better than gold or silver, you are probably wondering which is better titanium or tungsten?

Titanium is a lighter weight metal vs. the heavier metal of tungsten. This is a personal choice as to which is better. Titanium is a strong metal, but tungsten is stronger. The one downside that many people associate with this is titanium can be cut off the finger in an emergency where a tungsten ring is more difficult to remove. Titanium is hypoallergenic. This means people with skin allergies or allergies to other metals might do better with titanium. Most tungsten contains cobalt, and it is a known allergen for some people.

Single Again


I never thought I would be the single mom to three kids, but here I am.  I had a marriage that slowly deteriorated over the last couple of years, and now I am finally divorced. At first I was really depressed about the failure of my marriage, but now I look at it as a new beginning, full of possibilities.  When I was pregnant with my three kids, I get stretch marks. They got a little worse with every pregnancy, but I felt it wasn’t a big deal. I was still in good shape, and those stretch marks were something I earned everyday of my pregnancy.  I never thought about someone finding them gross as my husband was completely fine with them. They didn’t really seem to bother him one way or another.

Once I became single, I tried to take better care of myself, not just for my own sake, but for my kids too. After some time spent working on myself, I felt I was ready to rejoin the dating world.  The first couple of dates, I found myself a mixture of excited and terrified.  The more I dated, the more I thought about the inevitable time intimacy would enter the picture.  That thought terrified me. I could not imagine someone seeing my naked body and all of my flaws. I decided to step up my workouts, update my personal grooming style, and using some stretch mark removal creams.  I still haven’t had the big moment yet, but I finally think I have enough confidence with or without the stretch marks to be okay.

Flying Monkey


My sister was a big fan of the Wizard of Oz when we were growing up, but I was not. I was terrified of those stupid flying monkeys.  My sister would tease and torture me about those monkeys all of the time when we were kids. Looking back, I know it was all in good fun, but at the time it drove me crazy.

I was going through a really hard time in my life and had kind of shut down. I did not go out of my house much and was not active.  My sister was making every effort to get me to get out more. She took me to do things all of the time and one day she told me that we were going to get tattoos. I just kind of went along with it.

We were in two separate rooms, so we could not see each other’s tattoos. When we were both finished, we revealed them to each other. I went first; mine was a fancy heart. Her tattoo was of a flying monkey! I was horrified. She said every time I saw it I would run, and this is how she planned on getting me going again in life.

Well, as much as I hated that monkey tattoo, I did think of it often when I was faced with doing something I didn’t want to do. My depression slowly faded away. Then my sister was getting ready to switch careers and decided look into tattoo removal. She used laser tattoo removal. But I had grown to love the idea of that flying monkey so much that after she had hers removed, I added a flying monkey tattoo to my own body.

Injured Tooth Fixed


Last weekend a group of my friends and I were shooting pool (or as some say, playing billiards). Of course we had enjoyed a few adult beverages and were getting a little crazy. I was not paying enough attention to what was going on around me and I walked right behind Joe just as he was taking a hard stroke at the ball. As he quickly drew his pool cue back, he struck me in the mouth with the end of the cue. I guess the angle he struck me with the pool cue was better than the angle he hit the ball with because he knocked a tooth loose.

I immediately began to panic. I didn’t want to walk around with a big gap in my front teeth! Luckily, Joe’s wife was with us. She knew about a great emergency dentist (Perth) in town. This dentist does not have the normal 9 to 5 hours, but is available evening and weekend hours. One of my friends called and got me right in. I arrived at the dentist office around midnight. It was very minimally staffed, but enough to do the job and do it right.

After meeting with the dentist, he was able to immediately set my fears to rest. I was not going to be toothless; the tooth could be saved. He went to work to take care of my tooth, and I emerged with my priceless smile again a while later. This emergency dentist – Sydney –  became my hero.

The Changing Face Of Yoga


When it comes to yoga there’s only ever been one type of clothing you could choose from. Yoga pants have always ever only come in one style and usually in black.

Things have begun to change recently and more and more people are beginning to experiment with different styles when it comes to this spiritual exercise.

Yoga requires a lot of flexible movements so a stretchy material is a must. It also needs to be fairly breathable too as you’re more than likely to work up a sweat. For these two reasons it’s very difficult to find anything other than specifically designed yoga pants that fit the bill.

Traditionally cotton has been the best choice as it’s one of the most breathable fabrics available.

Things have changed in recent years as technology in material production has improved and more and more synthetic materials are beginning to show up. One of the most notable is microfiber. Microfiber is a highly breathable material. It’s also very good at controlling moisture too, so it’s a perfect substitute to cotton. In fact it has a property that makes it even more preferable, which is that it doesn’t shrink after repeat washes.

Whatever you do, don’t choose any thick materials for yoga. They tend to restrict movement and will make you quickly work up a sweat.

Some yoga pants are usually tight around the hips and thighs but loose fitting below the knee. They look very similar to the flairs that were so popular in the 60s.

Should You Wear A G-String?


Wearing a G-string is a pretty big decision. It’s a very bold fashion statement to make. G-strings have been worn for decades and originate from the cavemen days when men used to cover their genitals with a triangular shaped piece of loincloth.

It’s really women though, who pushed this sexiest of lingerie into the limelight. Pole dancers and exotic performers have found G-strings to be the most useful tool when it comes to showing off their sexuality.

If you’re wearing G-strings to make your lingerie sexier, then they’re great when paired with by high stockings and suspenders.

You don’t have to stick to the plain old black look either; G-strings are available in many colors, especially if you look online. Although black is considered one of the sexiest, other colors work well too.

A white G-string adds a level of lightheartedness and purity to your lingerie, whereas a black or red one is a more inviting and sexy look.

They can also be worn on the beach but it’s a pretty brave decision to make, as your buttocks will be on display for all to see. If you work hard on your body and you have no problem with this, then by all means wear it wherever you like.

The most popular type of material to use for G-strings is Lycra and cotton. Cotton is highly breathable so it’s been a staple of, not only G-strings, but also most clothing in general. Lycra is a very stretchy material so it’s great if you’re going to wear a dress where your panty line may be shown.

Cocktail Dresses In Australia


If you’re visiting Australia, at some point on your trip you’re going to feel the need to go on a bit of a shopping spree. Don’t worry, we’re not judging you, we’re human too!

It can be hard trying to find the best places to shop, especially if your looking for clothes, but if you’re not too careful you can end up paying more than double what the natives do.
Read this guide to find the best cocktail dresses Australia has to offer.

Some of the best places to go if you’re in the mood to do some clothes shopping are Elizabeth and King Street, as they have some of the best (and most expensive may we hastily add) brands on offer.

One of the biggest department stores to find trendy cocktail dresses is Myer. Anything that’s currently a hot trend on the catwalk quickly finds it’s way here so you’re sure to find a fashionable dress without too much trouble. It’s a great place to shop too so its best to take a few hours to really soak in the atmosphere. A store that’s synonymous with fashion and clothing is Top Shop and you’ll find it a stones throw away.

Australia’s Oxford Street is another great place to go clothes hunting. It’s got trendy shops as far as the eye can see so you’re sure to find the cocktail dress of your dreams eventually, if your feet can take the walk.

Wherever you decide to go, remember to shop around to get the best prices.

The Party Dress Comeback


Party dresses are starting to make a big comeback in the fashion industry of late. Fashion designers are becoming more adventurous with the type of styles and colors they’re choosing. What this means is that department stores and clothing shops are also beginning to stock a wider variety of dresses. It’s never been a better time for a consumer since the number of clothing items on offer has never been greater. If you’ve never worn a party dress before then you’re missing out. Many people think that they can’t wear a party dress because of their figure. By having the right accessories though you can hide the bits that you’re not too proud of, while at the same time flaunting the bits that you’d like others to see. At first this can seem a little daunting, but once you get used to it you’ll find that your confidence will increase every time you go out in a party dress.

Wearing dresses is supposed to be a fun and exciting way of expressing yourself so you should treat it as something that’s not that serious. Don’t give too much thought into the type of dress your choosing. Parties are about having fun and relaxing, so wear something that will help you feel a lot more at ease. There are some party dresses available nowadays which also include a corset. If you like the look of these then by all means go ahead and try them. They can help to add a level of sexiness to your look.

How to buy or rent flower girl dresses from online shops


Some couples want their wedding to be perfect to the last detail but may forget some details because weddings are really tedious to plan for. If you suddenly remembered that you still need dresses for your flower girls but lack time and money to go around shops just for this, one good option is to turn to the online shops instead.

The advantage of using online shops is that you can just surf to their websites and scan through their catalogue to find suitable flower girl dresses. Some shops just sell these kinds of dresses while others may just be rental shops. Of course you may also find some websites that both sell or rent out wedding apparel including flower girl dresses. If the online shop has a customer service hotline you can easily call to inquire about some dress models that you think are perfect for your own wedding.

If you go online for your dress shopping chore you should know the precise measurements of your preferred flower girls. This is important because you have no time to do any real time fittings of your flower girls. So you may need to take out that measuring tape and start measuring each of your flower girls. Be sure to use a separate piece of paper for each flower girl’s measurements so that you don’t get confused as to whose size is which. Having the right measurements ready also prevents last minute panic if the dresses arrive but are not the right size for the right girl.

The Right Burlesque Costume


In recent years burlesque costumes have become more and more popular. Burlesque is a classic style and It’s not that difficult to pull off. The most important fact to remember is that there isn’t really one specific way to dress. It has a lot more to do with the overall style of your look. Performers in the middle of the 19th century were famed for wearing petticoats and corsets. While this style of clothing is still popular today in the burlesque world, more emphasis is given to sex appeal. The goal of burlesque clothing is not to seem fashionable or display the modern trends, but to show off your figure and accentuate your curves.

If there were ever one piece of clothing to define burlesque, it would be the corset. Corsets now come in a variety of styles and colors. Lace trim corsets are particularly sexy and you would do well to choose this style if you are looking to pull off that burlesque look. Another classic piece of item when it comes to burlesque clothing is the bustle skirt. It’s a very traditional burlesque look, worn since its conception. It’s designed to increase the curvature of your rear and goes well with a corset or panty. Try and go for something layered with intricate designs if you prefer the more classic look.

Dressing in burlesque is a fun experience and not only makes you feel more feminine, but can help improve your self-esteem and confidence, so give it a shot.

Bridesmaid Dresses – A Giant Source Of Stress


Just when you finally find the perfect wedding dress (a week before the big day) you find out that none of your bridesmaids are available to go try on the bridesmaid dresses that you have picked out for them. Panic! Hopefully this isn’t you, as you of course, are much better prepared than that. First of all, you need to give your bridesmaids plenty of time to get themselves sorted, and getting “themselves” sorted is the key here. For a classic wedding, you might want to make sure they’re all in the same bridesmaids dress design, but a lot of weddings these days give the bridesmaids some tight guidelines, and then they can run off and get something themselves, that they’ll also use again in future. Whatever path you decide, helping your bridesmaids get their own bridesmaid dresses sorted with plenty of time is the key to reducing your stress levels.